NEBridge - I/N Tournaments

Regional Tournaments for the I/N Crowd

Every Regional Tournament in New England features games open only to members of the INCrowd. Sue Miguel not only plans these events; she’s also the tournament director in charge of the I/N games. From start to finish the emphasis is on making sure that everyone has a good time playing our favorite game.

The tournaments are located at easily accessible venues throughout New England. Each event has a special character all its own. You should try to participate in as many as you can.

You do not even need a partner to join in the fun. Every event has a partnership desk to match you up with a player of roughly equal experience.

Here is a list of the tournaments. Clicking on the links will bring you to pages that describe all of the I/N events available and also provide detailed information about what each site has to offer. 

January in Newton, MA (Individual)

February in Cromwell, CT (Knockout)

February and March in Sturbridge, MA (Rainbow Weekend/GNT)

April and May in Hyannis, MA (Senior)

June in Nashua, NH (Summer)

August in Warwick, RI (Fiesta)

October in Sturbridge, MA (Flight B and C/NAP)

November in Providence, RI (Fall NABC)


The monthly calendar shows all events at the district and regional level that are held in New England. 


Here is a map that shows the locations of all of the venues. 


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