NEBridge - Winners Board: Warwick 2016 Friday

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Morning 299er Pairs Flight A
Catherine Branch
Providence, RI
Deborah Norman
Providence, RI
Morning 299er Pairs Flight B & C
Michael Taicher
Sharon, MA
Frank Falvey
Franklin, MA
A/X Pairs Flight A
Rich DeMartino
Riverside, CT
Allan Rothenberg
West Hartford, CT
(not in photo)
A/X Pairs Flight X
Gloria McDevitt
Medford, MA
Stephen McDevitt
Medford, MA
Mid-Flight Pairs Flight A
Bill Nason
Andover, MA
Steve Diamond
Shrewsbury, MA
Mid-Flight Pairs Flight B
Theresa Waltz
Manchester, CT
David Waltz
Manchester, CT
Gold Rush Pairs Flight 7
David Levin
Belmont, MA
Marguerite Levin
Belmont, MA
Gold Rush Pairs Flight 3
Bill Goldstein
Philadelphia, PA
Joan Goldstein
Philadelphia, PA
Open Swiss Flight A
Doug Doub
West Hartford, CT
Victor King
Hartford, CT
Sheila Gabay
Newton, MA
Lew Gamerman
Randolph, MA
Bob McCaw
Brewster, MA
(not in photo)
Open Swiss Flight B
Mary Petit
East Windsor, CT
Betty Nagle
Wethersfield, CT
Shirley Derrah
Springfield, MA
Bob Derrah
Springfield, MA
Open Swiss Flight C
Alan Godes
Needham, MA
Frank Farrell
Methuen, MA
Adi Chehna
Marlborough, MA
Irene Bonner
Andover, MA
Afternoon 299er Pairs Flight A, B, & C
John Prescott
Seneca, SC
James Charbonneau
Salem, SC
Side Game Series  
Sabrina Miles
Mansfield, MA