District 25
NEBridge - Winners Board for Nashua 2015: Friday

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Morning 299er PairsFlight A
Edie Carter
Foxboro, MA
Evelyn Ciasulo
Foxboro, MA
Morning 299er PairsFlight B
Carol Fountain
Chelmsford, MA
Muggsie Rocco
Carlisle, MA
Morning 299er PairsFlight C
Bayle Drubel
Hanover, NH
Alice Eberhardt
Plainfield, NH
Open PairsFlight A
Simon Kantor
Feeding Hills, MA
Bob Feller
Guilderlands, NY
Open PairsFlight B & C
Sarah Sykes
Brewster, MA
Bill Noyes
Monument Beach, MA
Gold Rush PairsFlight A
Mark Oettinger
Burlington, VT
Dick Tracy
Sharon, VT
Gold Rush PairsFlight B & C
Robert Huntington
New London, CT
Ross Huntington
Hampstead, NH
Compact KnockoutBracket 1
Isaiah Shalom
West Brookfield, MA
Grace Charron
Fall River, MA
Greg Chang
Lexington, MA
James Negro
Wellesley, MA
Compact KnockoutBracket 2
Curtis Barton
Chelmsford, MA
Sharon Stanfill
Lincoln, MA
Martin Dickau
Carlisle, MA
Ellen Dickau
Carlisle, MA
Single-Session SwissFlight A
Lisa Procter
Dover, MA
Jane Adams
Lexington, MA
Barbara Tarlin
Wellesley, MA
Sandy Nyman
Weston, MA
Single-Session SwissFlight B & C
David Lack
Lee, MA
Joyce Lack
Lee, MA
Andy Remson
Spring, TX
Ian Remson
Spring, TX
Afternoon 299er PairsFlight A
Skip Page
Rye, NH
Ronald Ouellet
Brentwood, NH
Afternoon 299er PairsFlight B
Anita King
Sanbornton, NH
Cliff King
Sanbornton, NH
Afternoon 299er PairsFlight C
Judy Leary
Nashua, NH
Dorthy Schulte
Hudson, NH
Side Game Series
Susan Fronapfel
Danbury, CT
Richard Fronapfel
Danbury, CT