District 25
NEBridge - Winners Board: Mansfield 2015 Friday

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Morning 299er Pairs Flight A
Shirley Wagner
Fitchburg, MA
Paul Babineau
Fitchburg, MA
Morning 299er Pairs Flight B & C
Joseph Anton
Boston, MA
Scott Taylor
Weston, MA
(not in photo)
ABC Pairs Flight A
Rich DeMartino
Riverside, CT
Karen McCallum
Exeter, NH
ABC Pairs Flight B & C
Benson Ho
North Andover, MA
Kenneth Leon
Franklin, MA
Gold Rush Pairs Flight A
Marshall Williams
Woonsocket, RI
Marguerite Gousie
Woonsocket, RI
Gold Rush Pairs Flight B & C
Robert Huntington
Hampstead, NH
Ross Huntington
New London, CT
Open Swiss Flight A & B
Cenk Tuncok
Amesbury, MA
Nancy Keller
West Newbury, MA
Xiaoquian Liu
Hudson, MA
Maxim Siline
Hudson, MA
Open Swiss Flight C
Tink Tysor
Grantham, NH
Alice Field
New London, NH
Steven Randle
West Glover, VT
Denny Lyster
Westfield, VT
(not in photo)
Afternoon 299er Pairs Flight A
Verna Rankin
Weston, MA
Joel Rankin
Weston, MA
Afternoon 299er Pairs Flight B & C
Dolores Wilson
East Greenwich, RI
Cynthia Wilson
East Greenwich, RI