District 25
NEBridge - President's Letter: December 2015

This is my tenth and final President’s Message since becoming your District President nearly two years ago. I want to make my comments brief, but I do feel it is most important that I take this opportunity to extend the warmest of holiday greetings and a sincere thank you to all of you for the support and encouragement you have provided me during my tenure in this position.

As we enter the New Year, I am thrilled with the new team of officers we have at the District level. My successor as President, Bob Bertoni, will, I am sure, do a great job as will our new Vice President, Lois DeBlois, and returning Treasurer Joe Brouillard, and Secretary Carolyn Weiser. Many thanks to outgoing NAP/GNT Coordinator Dean Panagopoulos, and a big welcome to his successor, Bill Braucher.

Bob will be announcing his appointments soon, but I know there will be a smooth leadership transition and many of our volunteer leaders will be returning. The list is too long to mention here, but at the top of our list is our Webmaster Mike Wavada, and our Tournament Coordinator, Luke Gillespie. Thanks to all. Anything we may have accomplished over these past two years was due in large part to your individual efforts.

We still need volunteers and I encourage all of you to consider giving something back to this great game at the Unit or District level. The contributions of our Unit Presidents and their boards have been nothing short of outstanding.

The greatest proof that my messages have reached you all is the overwhelming vote of confidence I received during the recently completed District Director election. As I am about to take on this new, important responsibility, I am humbled and grateful for the enormous, widespread support. I want to congratulate Helen Pawlowski and Adam Parrish for their hard fought campaigns, and I especially want to thank Rich DeMartino, our outgoing District Director, for his fifteen years of exemplary service. District Director is a pretty tough job. I have been entrusted with some very big shoes to fill.

Please start the New Year off right by playing in our 72nd and last ever New England Regional Individual, January 8-10 at the Newton MA Marriott.

If you have ever played in an Individual, please make a special effort to come out and play in this last one. If you have never played in one, but have fond memories of some of our great players like Charlie Coon and Clint Morrell who are no longer with us, please honor their memory by giving a day or two of your time to playing in this unique event.

Best wishes for a joyous holiday season and a healthy, happy and prosperous 2016.

Thanks very much for two great years.

Mark J. Aquino, Sr.
President, New England Bridge Conference
ACBL District 2