District 25
NEBridge - President's Letter: March 2016

2016 Tournaments see an uptick in attendance!

We are off to a great year, and the most exciting changes are yet to begin. The Scheduling and Tournament Committee under Vice President Lois DeBlois has worked hard to bring a new face to the schedule and many more games for the 0-2500 players (97.5% of our membership) to compete in and win.

Here is a preview of upcoming events:

Starting at the Nashua Regional, June 21-26, 2016, you will see the difference! Don’t miss “The return of the EGG” for 0-2500 players, coupled with many A Flight opportunities. Made for everyone, it will make a special event this year for all.

Make your reservations now to secure your discounted room. (603) 888-9970

ACBL CEO Robert Hartman will be visiting this tournament. What a great opportunity to meet with him and learn the latest happenings inside the ACBL, and show him some New England Hospitality!

IT’S MORE THAN A SENIOR REGIONAL   April 27- May 1, 2016

Hyannis is the host to the 2016 Senior Regional and Spring Sectional. This tournament is unique because it will offer three different point pigmentations: Gold and Red Points during the Senior events, and Silver points in the “Open Events.” There is no other tournament in America that offers this feature!

The eligibility age to play in ACBL Senior events has been raised to 60, except that. individuals who were 55 years of age prior to January 1, 2014 will continue to be eligible for Senior events. If you were born on or before Dec 31, 1959 you are a Senior for this event.

The good news is that we have both events each day and at every time!

We are starting the Senior Regional this year with a Swiss Team Event beginning at 1:00 PM and 7PM on Wednesday. NOTE THE STARTING TIME ON WEDNESDAY.

Choice Pairs Returns!

Thursday, Friday and Saturday: 
The two-session pair games will be held across three sessions. When you purchase your entry at 10 AM you have to tell the director when you will play session 2 (2:30 or 7:30PM). Those two games will count as your overall. Of course, if you start at 2:30, the 7:30 session will be session 2. NO, you cannot choose best two of three sessions, but you can play in all three making the third a side game for you. This can free up mornings or afternoons for shopping, driving to the game, golf, swimming in the indoor pool, or just sleeping in…the possibilities are endless.

299er Pairs at every starting time, every day!

0-1500 SWISS TEAMS Thursday, Friday and Sunday. We debuted this event in Cromwell and it was a huge hit. Under-1500 players, this event is perfect fit for you, with strats at 750 and 300, all by average of your teammates; this event should “Be Golden” for more than a few players. You will never play against a player with over 1500 MP in these events.

Feeling stronger than that?  We have Open Swiss those days, also with strats at 5000 and 2500 per player by average. These events are open to all players of any masterpoint holding, 0-infinity.

On Saturday and Sunday there is an Open Swiss for all ages paying silver points at 10 and 2:30PM.

This means Swiss Teams, two sessions per day, BOTH DAYS!

Get you team together and come on down to Olde Cape Cod.

Make your reservation NOW (866) 828-8259

The changes are here; the Regionals are all about you!

A Final Good Bye to the Newton Individual Tournament.

We had record attendance in 2016 (for recent years) and it was a special good-bye, good weather assisted us, and a turnout from across the East Coast, with many out-of-District players joining us for this event. In spite of this, we posted a loss financially and confirmed what we knew that we just couldn’t sustain this event.

We are, however, considering adding a two-session Individual event to one existing Regional; this could be during the 10, 2:30 schedule or in the evenings. Please feel free to give comments about this idea.

Coffee with the President

Each Thursday morning, from 9:30-10AM, I will be in the playing area, close to the free coffee, to meet players, give explanations, and take suggestions.  If I cannot make it, I will do my best to have a District official available to you during this time.

The first CWP event had a few players with great questions and suggestions. Don’t miss it.

Lectures, Lessons, and Rules

Free lectures and lessons will continue, in both Hyannis and Nashua. Please check the schedule of events for times.


Dates for 2016 are April 9th and 10th in Sturbridge, MA, at the Sturbridge Host Hotel. Flights are Open, 0-6000, 0-2500, and 0-500 non-Life Master (by highest player).

This year your team can win $2000 toward the National tournament, guaranteed in all four flights! This is a great chance to have the District help pay your way and represent D25 in Washington DC. Teams may have 4, 5 or 6 players; all players must be under the cap for the strata.

The Rainbow Weekend (three-day, 0-500 tournament) is also in Sturbridge, starting the 8th-10th of April, with many 0-499 events, 0-20 events! 0-49 events, Newcomers, up and coming, or occasional players—this one is for you!

Renaming The Fall Regional: Welcome “The Ocean State Regional”

We are committed to Warwick, RI, and it seems you are too! Warwick, since landing on the schedule, has been our crowning success of the year each year.

To this extent we are rebranding the event “The Ocean State Regional” and emphasizing Rhode Island, the ocean, Newport, sightseeing, and, of course, bridge.

Zero Tolerance

If you played in Newton or Cromwell, you probably noticed the ZT announcements were frequent. We are committed to making bridge fun, fair, and a fantastic experience for you. In Newton, the directors wrote a record number of player memos in support of this initiative; in Cromwell we all did better. Our goal is for players to realize this is a game to be enjoyed by all, but especially the newcomers. Report transgressions, by email, to either recorder@nebridge.org for a player report, or to zerotolerance@nebridge.org to report to the director-in-charge and the recorder in one step. Both reports are confidential.

If you are new: we want you, we need you, and we love you, so let us know if we fail you in any way.

See you at the tables if you miss coffee time,

Bob Bertoni
District 25 President


More Fun, More Places to Win, More Recognition, all at NEBC District 25.