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NEBridge - President's Letter: June 2016

Next UP:  The New Hampshire Summer Regional
The Nashua Regional June 21-26, 2016: you will see a difference!

Don’t miss “The return of the EGG” for 0-2500 players. Coupled with many “A Flight” opportunities, Nashua will be a special event this year for all. Make your reservations now to secure your discounted room at (603) 888-9970.

ACBL CEO Robert Hartman, will be visiting this tournament. What a great opportunity to meet with him, learn the latest happenings inside the ACBL and show him some New England Hospitality!

The “New Look” Schedule will debut in Nashua. It is designed to make it clear to everyone what his or her best event is. There is a new “Qualifier Description” line in the game so you know who can play in the event. When you see “Open to Everyone” that means players ranging from newcomers to champions are in the same event, and the strats are defined clearly.

The Popular NEW 0-1500 GAMES will be held Tuesday, Wednesday, and Sunday in Nashua. For U1500 players these events are a perfect fit; with strats at 750 and 300, all by average with partner or teammates, these events should be “Golden” for more than a few players. You will never play against a player with over 1500 MP in these events.

Three-Flight Events will be held in Nashua Thursday, Friday and Saturday. For some of you this will be your first look at the MID FLIGHT (0-2500).

These events play separately and have a strata at 1250 by average and an over 1250 strata. This event is perfect for those leaving the “Gold Rush” or players trying to “play up a bit” without facing the “Iron of District 25”. Even the “Kentucky Derby Horses” start out at smaller events before moving up to the main event. Look for events that say “MID FLIGHT — No player over 2500.

Gold Rush Events are Plentiful!  MORE for 2016
Tuesday through Saturday in Nashua there will be 0-750 events. You will find these listed under Flighted Teams or Pairs as the Third Flight. The qualifier will say “No player over 750.”  Look for them!  Also consider the 0-1500 Flight when you see that listed.

The new schedule lists game as follows:
Open Flight                  Open to everyone        Open/4000       10 & TBA (2nd session)
Mid Flight                    No player over 2500    2500/1250       10 & TBA (2nd session)
Gold Rush Flight          No player over 750      750/500           10 & TBA (2nd session)
(The event you buy)     (who can enter)              (strats)                (starting times)

While this might look to newcomers as one game, it is really three different events played independently of each other. These are all GOLD events of 2 sessions or more.

August 30 - September 4, 2016  Introducing “The Ocean State Regional”

Formerly the “Fiesta Regional,” the Ocean State Regional will be held in Warwick, Rhode Island, at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. This is one of our best locations and venues of the year — an outstanding hotel centrally located in a surrounding area of beaches, yachts, mansions and fun. You will not want to miss it. Reservations are still available at 401-732-6000. Use NEB as your reservation code to get the special room rate. Gold Rush 0-750 or 0-1500 events Every Day!

North American Pairs (NAP)

Starting this month and continuing through August look for club games that are listed as “NAP.” These are special games that serve as the qualifier for the District level NAP. When you play at your club in a NAP game you don’t just get extra masterpoints (½ Black, ½ Red), but more importantly you get to qualify for the finals and your chance to win a CASH reward to send you to the Nationals to represent District 25.

The NAP Regional Finals will be a bit different this year for Flight B and C (2500 and 500/NLM). They will be held Saturday and Sunday at 10 AM during the Harvest Regional (formerly Masters) in Mansfield on November 12 and 13. The good news is that if you play and do not qualify for “Day 2” there is a whole Regional to play in the next day, so you can make plans to come and play.

The Flight A NAP finals will be played in a separate event held this year in Watertown, MA during the Fall Sectional October 8 and 9 at 10:30  AM.

The EMBA sectional offers a game Friday evening, October 7, at 7:30 and is ideal for practicing partnerships who have to travel in from a distance. (The more reasonably priced hotels can be found in nearby Waltham). There is also a Swiss Team Game on Sunday if you book a room and do not qualify on Saturday. Make it a weekend, and come to Boston!

While many players will have to travel for an early start or come a day ahead to be competitive, we felt this was the best alternative. Rather than forcing flight A to play during the Harvest Regional (taking even more entries from the Main Events and keeping them from the KO and pair games) and continuing to lose thousands of dollars to hold the small NAP event separately; this solution was the agreed-upon compromise. We just cannot afford the fiscal irresponsibility. The first three pairs in each flight will receive a financial subsidy to attend Spring 2017 NABC in Kansas City for the Finals.

OK, we need your help! The District has many spots that we need volunteers to fill. If you want to get involved a good place to start is the Board of Delegates. Ask your unit rep if you can represent your unit at the District. Who should do this? YOU that’s who ... We need new blood, new thinking, and players from every level of bridge. Yes, if you have 50 points and love this game, you should think about stepping up. It’s not just “A players” who can help, we need the viewpoint from every perspective to be a successful organization.

The BOD meets twice a year at Regionals. If that doesn’t sound involved enough for you, then email me and give me your ideas, and you will be welcomed aboard. Partnership Desk, Education, Lectures, Newcomer Welcoming, Facebook, emails, flyers, committee work, scheduling: there is a lot to do, and yes I am asking you. Remember, if you are not willing to pitch in, and everyone follows suit, then “that thing that someone should do” will not get done.

Get Involved. Get Active. Volunteer.

Some positions in District 25 receive a stipend, benefits. and/or a salary. I have established a Financial Committee to outline exactly what these positions are and who receives district money and in-kind services. The list is available to your Board of Delegates member in your unit at any time for the asking starting in Nashua. No secrets, no wondering out loud, or rumors; just clarity of what we do with the cash.

Coffee with the President (CWP)

Thursday morning in Nashua from 9:30-10 AM I will be in the playing area close to the free coffee, to meet players, give explanations, and take suggestions. If I cannot make it, I will do my best to have a District official available to you during this time. The first CWP event had a few players with great questions and suggestions, so don’t miss it.


Lectures, Lessons, and Rules
Free lectures and Lessons will continue. Please check the schedule of events for times. New feature of the schedule this year is that the lessons are part of the schedule.

The changes are here, our Regionals are all about you!


Bob Bertoni
District President


More Fun, More Places to Win, More Recognition, all at NEBC District 25.