District 25
NEBridge - President's Letter December 2016

Happy Holidays to you all.

It is hard for me to believe that my first year serving as your president is over, I am grateful to the delegates for approving my second year of the term along with Vice President Lois DuBlois. There is a 2 year term limit, so sadly my second year will also be my last, and I promise it will be an great one for us all.

2016 was an exciting year for us in District 25. We saw an incredible uptick in attendance over many previous years, when we experienced a steady decline in both table count and revenue. This year made a profit in spite of spending more on advertising, promotions, hospitality and directors than ever before, ending a cycle of deficits.

Next UP:
The Presidential Regional February 15-21, 2017
, held at the Radisson Cromwell, CT (Formerly the Crowne Plaza) Reserve NOW 800-333-3333 ($104 special room rate when you mention New England Bridge)
The very successful PRO-AM will be featured Saturday Evening at 7:30PM.
GOLD RUSH FLIGHT Wednesday through Saturday! More Gold Rush events!
We have a FUN packed 299er Program Wednesday through Sunday! The regionals are for Players of ALL Levels not just the elite come on down and see!

2017 Changes are Amazing!
First the “Evening Side Game Series” is taking a huge upgrade!
It will now be the “Extra Point Pairs” series. All evening single session games at regionals (And 2 of the silver games in Falmouth) will award extra points as a “Charity Game or Grass Roots Game” which means there is approximately 30-40% more points for these games depending on the sanction.
Bonus Time: If you play in 2 “Extra Point Series” Games and you win your section in just one of them your points will turn GOLD. This is a great place for you to win Lots of Gold, remember you must play in a second similar game to get the GOLD.
The District will NOT increase the fee for these games; we will pay the $1.50 per person to the charity, as well as provide some great hospitality for you.

KNOCKOUTS! For Everyone
We are changing everything about the way District 25 does them in 2017; they will now be for players of all levels to play within their bracket. New Englanders will get to see why Knockouts have been the “True Gold Rush” for players of all levels across the country, not just the top tier.
Play against players at your level and advance to the finals, win 4 matches you win the event! The KO is a 4 session event as long as you continue to win matches.
There is a side Swiss Team game in the afternoon if you get KO Sat AM.
Gone is the Friday night start, seeding has been eliminated, 5 sessions will be impossible. Games that do not run should never happen.
Starting in Nashua there will be an additional Sat AM Lecture: “How to win Knockouts” by experts, the strategy is a bit different the game is scored a lot more like rubber bridge you played for years. IMP scoring favors bidding games and slams, and overtricks have small value as opposed to match points where missing an overtrick can be a disaster. Generally it is more fun and relaxing to play, and you have to outscore just one opponent at a time to win!

Bracketed KO will start Saturday in Cromwell at 10:00 AM and run through Sunday.
Brackets will be between 9 and 16 teams that are the closest in Masterpoints, GOLD is awarded at all levels (100% in higher brackets and 50-30% in lower brackets, mid chart will be allowed in brackets when the lowest team has 10,000+ masterpoints, general convention chart in all other brackets, this means you for most of you!)

PRO-AM Returns to Cromwell Saturday Evening at 7:30, Get your partner now and play in this fun and important event. AM is defined as NLM under 500 Points. PRO’S are stratified ABC by their level. EXTRA Points will be added to this event this year.
Half Price event at $14 per PAIR.


The GNT will be held April 22-23, in 2017 in Sturbridge, MA
The Grand National Teams Open Flight was won by District 25 last year, schedule your team to play, there are 4 flights to win and get $2000 CASH for your team to travel to Nationals. Open/6000/2500/750 by highest player. Flights A,B&C will play the Rainbow Weekend, and Championship Flight is TBD. Stay tuned from District Director Mark Aquino on this event.
The RAINBOW Weekend will be held simultaneously April 21-23 in Sturbridge with Games for 499ers. (This is a 499er Sectional with Silver Points!) Warm up for the GNT on Sunday (GOLD AND RED POINTS) starting Friday! Door Prizes and Special Surprises.

Gold Rush Events are Plentiful! Even MORE for 2017 in All Regionals!
Tuesday through Saturday in Nashua you will find 0-750 events, you will find these listed under Flighted Teams or Pairs as the Third Flight- The qualifier will say “No player over 750”

OK we need your help. The District has many spots that we need volunteers to fill.
If you want to get involved start with the Board of Delegates, ask your unit rep if you can represent your unit at the District. Who should do this? YOU that’s who… We need new blood, new thinking, and players from every level of bridge, yes if you have 50 points and love this game you should think about stepping up, it is not just “A players” who can help, we need the viewpoint from every perspective to be a successful organization.
If the BOD twice a year doesn’t sound involved enough for you then email me and give me your ideas, you will be welcome to help out. Partnership Desk, Education, Lectures, Newcomer Welcoming, Facebook, emails, flyers, committee work, scheduling there is a lot to do and yes I am asking you.
Remember if you are not willing to pitch in, and everyone does the same “that thing that someone should do” will not get done.
Get Involved. Get Active.

Coffee with the President
Each Thursday morning from 9:30-10AM I will be in the playing area close to the free coffee, to meet players, give explanations and take suggestions. If I cannot make it, I will do my best to have a District official available to you during this time.

Lectures, Lessons, and Rules
Free lectures and Lessons will continue at all regionals, check your schedule for times.

The changes are here, our Regionals are all about you!

See you at the tables if you miss coffee time,

Bob Bertoni
District President

More Fun, More Places to Win, More Recognition, all at NEBC District 25.