District 25
NEBridge - Winners Board Cromwell 2017 Thursday

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Morning 299er Pairs Flight A, B, & C
Mary Inman
S Glastonbury, CT
W Raabe
Glastonbury, CT
A/X Pairs Flight A
Mark Aquino
Jamaica Plain, MA
Selen Hotamisligil
Weston, MA
A/X Pairs Flight X
Laurie Robbins
Windsor, CT
Lesley Meyers
Bloomfield, CT
Mid-Flight Pairs Flight B
Tom Gerchman
Avon, CT
Dan Finn
Clarksville, MD
Mid-Flight Pairs Flight C
Allen Pattee
Manchester, NH
Larry Cheetham
Bedford, NH
Gold Rush Pairs Flight 7
David Cancian
Lincoln, MA
Richard Giles
Wakefield, MA
Gold Rush Pairs Flight 4
Jon Clark
Branford, CT
Jeff Clark
Branford, CT
Open Swiss Flight A
Victor King
Hartford, CT
Sheila Gabay
Newton, MA
Lew Gamerman
Randolph, MA
Geof Brod
Avon, CT
Lloyd Arvedon
Woburn, MA
Open Swiss Flight B
Lee Herdle
Madison, CT
Margaret Mason
Madison, CT
Sarah Corning
Madison, CT
Connie Graham
New Britain, CT
Open Swiss Flight C
Wayne De Vries
Riverside, CT
Martin Waine
Sanjay Santhanam
Greenwich, CT
(not in photo)
R Grant Perkins
Greenwich, CT
(not in photo)
Afternoon 299er Pairs Flight A & B
Afternoon 299er Pairs Flight C
Thomas Murray
Shelton, CT
Bob Clark
Naugatuck, CT