District 25
NEBridge - Winners Board Cromwell 2017 Monday

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Open Pairs Flight A
Karen McCallum
Exeter, NH
Rich DeMartino
Riverside, CT
Open Pairs Flight B
Paul Frean
New York, NY
David Parsons
New York, NY
(not in photo)
Open Pairs Flight C
Nick Trobovic
Wall Township, NJ
Charles Stringham
Ocean Park, ME
(not in photo)
Open Swiss Flight A & B
Jin Hu
New York, NY
Shawn Drenning
New York, NY
Zachary Madden
Bethesda, MD
Max Glick
Storrs, CT
Open Swiss Flight C
Ru Cole
Cos Cob, CT
Silvia Szanto
Cos Cob, CT
Bob Glasspiegel
Simsbury, CT
Susan Glasspiegel
Simsbury, CT