District 25
NEBridge - Winners Board Rainbow Weekend 2018 Saturday

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Morning Pairs Flight A, B, & C
Dan Hoch
Cummington, MA
Roger Ketron
Tyringham, MA
Morning Pairs Flight A & B
Nancy Mullen
Braintree, MA
Laura Pearlstein
Stoughton, MA
Afternoon Pairs Flight A
Livingston Carroll
Sherborn, MA
Ethan Wood
Dover, MA
Afternoon Pairs Flight B
James Anderson
Mystic, CT
Sam Cuscovitch
Coventry, CT
Afternoon Pairs Flight C
John Oswald
Nashua, NH
Regis Beigel
Nashua, NH
Evening Pairs Flight A & B
Suzanne Leary
Hamden, CT
John Leary
Hamden, CT