District 25
NEBridge - Winners Board Warwick 2018 Thursday

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Morning 299er Pairs Flight A & B
Janet Ryan
Peabody, MA
Elaine Colokathis
Portsmouth, NH
Morning 299er Pairs Flight C
Stan Nissen
Wakefield, MA
Rachel Peled
West Hartford, CT
Open Pairs Flight A
Hjordis Eythorsdottir
New York, NY
David Treitel
Miami, FL
Open Pairs Flight B
John Urciuoli
Wakefield, RI
Bill Niemi
Wakefield, RI
Open Pairs Flight C
Rob Huntington
New London, CT
Ross Huntington
Hampstead, NH
Single-Session Swiss Flight A
Betty Bloom
Duanesburg, NY
Steve Bloom
Duanesburg, NY
David Caprera
Denver, CO
Anne Brenner
Denver, CO
Single-Session Swiss Flight B
Alix Taylor
Lincoln, MA
Ru Terajewicz
Newton, MA
Ron Briggs
Billerica, MA
Connie Chabot
Haverhill, MA
Single-Session Swiss Flight C
Ronnie Fuchs
Cambridge, MA
Lotika Paintal
Boston, MA
Ulla Winkler
Somerville, MA
Wendy Jarrett
Lexington, MA
Afternoon 299er Pairs Flight A & B
Sandy Jodice
Foxboro, MA
Maggi Crist
Foxboro, MA
Afternoon 299er Pairs Flight C
B Willard
South Windham, CT
Nancy McDowell
Mansfield Ctr, CT