District 25
NEBridge - Winners Board N. Falmouth 2019 Wednesday

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Afternoon 299er Pairs Flight A & B
Kate Beatty
Sharon, CT
Ann Patton
Washington, DC
Afternoon 299er Pairs Flight C
Eve Rowell
Wellesley, MA
Peg Hohler
Waltham, MA
Afternoon Sectional Pairs Flight A & B
Sol Hartman
Brewster, MA
Ginny O'Toole
Yarmouth Port, MA
Afternoon Sectional Pairs Flight C (tie)
Paul Caten Jr
Windham, NH
Carol Caten
Windham, NH
Afternoon Sectional Pairs Flight C (tie)
Bari Boyer
Worcester, MA
Carol Seager
Worcester, MA
Senior Pairs Flight A
Sheila Gabay
Newton, MA
Natalie Bassil
Boston, MA
Senior Pairs Flight B
Katherine Love
Plymouth, MA
Donald Smith
Plymouth, MA
Senior Pairs Flight C
Susan Johnson
Veazie, ME
Paul Johnson
Veazie, ME
Gold Rush Pairs  
Patricia Mayer
Mundelein, IL
Eric Mayer
Mundelein, IL
Evening Sectional Pairs Flight A
Paul Kelly
West Newbury, MA
Bob Bertoni
Haverhill, MA
Evening Sectional Pairs Flight B & C
Jim Butler
Falmouth, MA
James O'Mara
Onset, MA