District 25
NEBridge - Winners Board Warwick 2019 Thursday

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Morning 299er Pairs Flight A
Paul Butler
Wrentham, MA
Byron Wyche
Norwood, MA
Morning 299er Pairs Flight B & C
Laurie Erickson
Madison, NJ
David Upton
Madison, NJ
Open Pairs Flight A
Pat McDevitt
Brookline, MA
Shome Mukherjee
Braintree, MA
Open Pairs Flight B
Beverly Pogoda Meyers
New York, NY
Joseph Meyers
New York, NY
Open Pairs Flight C
Tim Collopy
Millbrook, NY
Cecilia Collopy
Millbrook, NY
Afternoon 299er Pairs Flight A & B
Judy Gowdy
Cummingtom, MA
Dan Hoch
Cummington, MA
Afternoon 299er Pairs Flight C
Carolyn Noble
Sandwich, MA
Lynn Noble
Sandwich, MA