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A new and timely message from Mark Aquino, President of the New England Bridge Conference, can be read here.

New at Hyannis: Four substantial changes will be evident at the Senior Regional and Cape Cod Sectional starting April 30:

1. Online Partnership Desk: Why wait to find a partner or teammates? Find  them on-line using cool new software on this website. Detailed instructions can be read here. An instructional video is available here. The system itself can be reached here and through the new tab at left.

2. Who's a Senior? It's Changed. The ACBL recently moved the qualifying age from 55 to 60 for Senior games (like the upcoming Senior Regional in Hyannis and the Senior Swiss in Las Vegas). This rule does not affect players who became Seniors before this year. If you were 55 before Jan. 1, 2014, you're still a Senior. But if you were born on or after Jan. 1, 1959, you aren't a "Senior" until you reach 60. C'est la vie.

Note: The Seniors in Hyannis is not just for seniors. Open events available to players of all ages – including 299er events – are scheduled for every session of every day. They all pay silver points.

3. Fast Results: Tournament results will now be available in detail within minutes of the end of each session. You can even use your smart phone--if you're registered first.. The FAQ for this program can be read here. See how it will work by clicking on the “Tournament Results” tab at the left. The detailed results for the Rainbow Weekend Tournament can now be seen in the Fast Results format.

4. Learn from the Experts: Come to the new lecture series featuring three of the District's most successful players. Get great tips on conventions, Swiss Team strategy, and techniques to enhance your performance. Learn before you play. Lectures are 9:00 AM to 9:30 AM on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. For more information click here.

Win a Trip to New Orleans. Qualify to play in the North American Pairs (NAP) at your local clubs from June-August. Finals for three flights (Open, 0-2500, and 0-500 Non-Life Master) will be held in Sturbridge on October 11-12. For details click here.

B's Needs: This committee has worked hard to make the Regional Tournaments more fun and to attract mid-level players. The minutes of the latest meeting in Cromwell are posted here.

Milestones: The list of New England bridge players who moved up in rank in March can be found here.

One familiar name is near the bottom of the aforementioned list, Frank Hacker, who achieved the rank of Emerald Life Master in March. To help him celebrate fellow Vermonter Mary Savko is pinch-hitting for him with an article explaining the basics of the XYZ bidding system. You can read it here. The "Learn from the Experts" series now boasts all of the Buzz plus fifteen additional articles.

Executive Committee: Most important decisions about bridge in New England are made by the Executive Committee. It is worth your while to keep abreast of its deliberations. The minutes from the meeting in Newton in January can be read here.

Schedule Changes for 2014: There are four important changes remaining for 2014. Check the calendar for details.
1. Nashua, NH, will be the site of the Summer Regional. 
2. There will be a new tournament in October just for Flight B and C players.
3. The Master's Tournament (Mansfield) for 2014 has been canceled.
4. The Fall NABC will be held in Providence 11/27-12/7.

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