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NABC in Providence: This tournament is for everyone. The complete schedule for the eleven-day tournament that starts on Thanksgiving Day includes a very large number of games for beginning players every day. You can view it here.

A great deal of work will be required to host this huge event, and most of it will be done by volunteers from District 25. No experience is necessary, and volunteers can still play in any event. If you plan to attend, why not sign up to help? All the information that you need is available here.

Sturbridge Wrap-up: Many thanks to the 986 players who made the Super Gold Rush Tournament in Sturbridge a smashing success. The high finishers, lists of winners of masterpoints, the Winners Board photos, and the Webmaster's Notes (with photos) can be found here. Special thanks to everyone who sent in photos. The Index by Event and the Index by Player now include the Sturbridge tournament.

NAP results as well as the Webmaster's Notes and Photos for that event are posted here.

A Long List: October was a very memorable month for many bridge players in New England, including nineteen who became Life Masters. The complete list of players who achieved a new rank can be viewed here.

Bridge at Williams: A college student who recently achieved the rank of Junior Master wrote District Director Rich DeMartino about her math professor’s program to promote duplicate bridge. Click here to read her e-mail and meet everyone involved. 

Hot Stuff! President Mark Aquino's latest letter emphasizes the great opportunities afforded by the upcoming Egg tournament in Sturbridge and the NABC in Providence.You can read it here.

Minutes: The best way to keep up with administrative decisions concerning New England bridge is to read the minutes. The minutes from the June meeting of the Board of Delegates are posted here. The Executive Committee minutes are available here.

District Director's Report: Rich DeMartino's report from the Las Vegas NABC highlights the best performances by players from New England. All of the District Director Reports, which are the best way to keep up with the ACBL's decisions, rules, and problems, are available through the tab at left.

Two for the Price of One: Stephen Rzewski worked (but was not paid) overtime on two difficult problems, which you can try to solve here. The "Learn from the Experts" tab now contains links to twenty-three beguiling articles and all of The Buzz.

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