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Letter from the President: NEBC President Mark Aquino has recorded his thoughts about bridge in New England this summer. You can read them here.

Coming Attraction: The evening of Saturday, June 27, will feature a brand new event for District 25 – the Pro-Am. Every pair in the event, part of the Summer Regional in Nashua, NH, must include at least one player who is NOT a life master and has fewer than 500 points. The objectives are to promote fun and learning in a less intense environment and to give newer players a chance to interact more freely with the veterans. A flyer describing the details is available here.

Problem Solved! At Nashua last year there were a few complaints about the lighting and service. New management at the hotel has now installed brighter lights in the ballroom and hired more service people. Come and find out for yourself just how great this tournament can be.

Every Dog Has Its Day. In 2015 District 25 will honor the players in each of thirteen masterpoint categories who achieve the most points at tournaments that it sponsors. The current standings are listed here. You don't need to be a big dog to win; you just need to be the alpha dog in your pack. The next opportunity is in Nashua.

The Online Partnership Desk for the Summer Regional in Nashua (and others) is open for business. Just click on the tab at left if you are looking for a partner or some teammates.

They Blossomed in April. The list of players who advanced in rank last month can be viewed here.

District Director's Report: The summary of the results from the spring NABC tournament in New Orleans and the latest news from the ACBL are posted here. District Director Rich Martino composes one of these reports after each ACBL tournament. The archives are available using the tab at left. 

Remaining Schedule for District 25 in 2015:
NAP: Qualifying at clubs in June, July, and August; regional qualifier          October 17-18, Sturbridge, MA
June 23-28: Summer Regional, Nashua, NH
September 1-6: Fiesta Regional, Warwick, RI
November 4-8: Masters Regional, Mansfield, MA

The Duck is Back! It certainly Can't Cost to bring back the duck for Chapter 7 in John Stiefel's series, which you can read here. The "Learn from the Experts" tab now contains links to twenty-eight articles from some of the top players in New England and all of The Buzz.

Minutes: The best way to keep up with administrative decisions concerning New England bridge is to read the minutes of the Executive Committee. The minutes from the conference call in February are available here.

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