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Get ready for the Pro-Am in Cromwell on Saturday evening. This is a stratified single-session pairs event in which one of the two players in each duo must be a non-Life Master with less than 500 points. The entry fee is half-priced ($7), and there will be prizes (not to mention masterpoints) for the winners in each strat. Such a deal!

A new system of flights and strats will be used in Cromwell. You can read about them here.

There will be a lot of team games in Cromwell. If these are new to you, you might want to read this page. (This document was recently updated to reflect the schedule for 2016).

Two other special events will be held. On Wednesday the hands from the morning session will be discussed during the lunch break by Geof Brod, Doug Doub, and Harold Feldheim. Peter Marcus will speak at 9:15 on Friday morning about "When to Call the Director." Both of these talks are free and open to the public.

The flyer for the Cromwell Regional Tournament can be viewed by clicking on the ad at right.

The ACBL has released the final standings in District 25 for 2015 for the Mini-McKenney, Ace of Clubs, and all of the other awards. These can all be viewed using the "Masterpoint Races" tab under the "Member Achievements" tab at left. Also on that page is the list of the top 100 lifetime masterpoint winners in D25 as of the end of 2015.

Points earned in Newton will definitely count toward the Best in Class awards for District 25 for 2016. The results will be posted after the February roster is released by the ACBL in early February. If the two new ranks are used as classifications for the Mini-McKenney and Ace of Clubs, they will also be used in the Best in Class results.

What is the GNT? GNT stands for Grand National Teams. The ACBL annually sponsors grass-roots team championship events at the summer North American Bridge Championships, which this year will be held in Washington, DC. District 25 will send one representative in each of the four events. The tournament to select the teams will be held on April 9 and 10 in Sturbridge, MA. Details about the tournament can be read here.

The Conditions of Contest for the GNT qualifying tournament in 2016 can be read here. This document includes a description of the subsidy that is provided to each team that represents the district. 

A new tab has been added at left with links to the official Conditions of Contest for all events sponsored by District 25.

The new District Director, Mark Aquino, has continued the tradition of congratulating players who advanced in rank. Here is one of the responses to his first batch of e-mails.

Social Media Help Needed

NEBridge is seeking volunteers who are familiar with Facebook, Instagram, and the like. We hope to take advantage of popular social platforms to allow families and friends to keep abreast of the achievements of New England's players. If you have some time, some experience, and an interest in exposing young people to the fascinating game that we all love, please contact Bob Bertoni at

Advancements in January: 102 New England bridge players achieved a new rank in January. The list can be viewed here

The minutes from the B's Needs Committee meeting in Newton are available here.

Minutes: Carolyn Weiser, District 25's secretary, has provided minutes for the most recent meeting of the Executive Committee, the body that makes the most important decisions about the course of bridge in New England. You can read them here.

New England Youth Bridge, Inc. has been working hard to showcase this great game to the video-game set. They urgently need our help. Details can be read here.

District 25 Schedule for 2016:
Team Regional, Cromwell, CT, February 10-15
Rainbow Weekend and GNT, Sturbridge, MA, April 8-10
Senior Regional and Cape Cod Sectional, Hyannis, MA,
   April 27 - May 1
Summer Regional, Nashua, NH, June 21-26
Fiesta Regional, Warwick, RI, August 30 - September 4
EMBA Sectional and Flight A NAP, Watertown, MA
   October 7-9
Masters Regional and Flight B&C NAP, Mansfield, MA
   November 9-13

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