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The Egg and A.The get-together in October in Sturbridge will be focused on players with fewer than 2,500 points. But there will be events for Flight A players every the qualification rounds for the North American Pairs. Here is the skinny: It is a full five-day Regional Tournament, October 8-12, that highlights Gold Rush and Super Gold Rush (under 2,500 MP) events. It offers daily open A/X Pair and Team games. The weekend includes a B/C Round Robin on Saturday and the qualification games for the North American Pairs: Saturday and Sunday for Flight A and Sunday for Flights B and C.

A chart showing the the events day-by-day for each of the four groups (0-199, 0-750, 0-2500, and open) can be viewed here. For  further details click on the Super Gold Rush ad at the right. 

NAP News: Finals for all three flights (Open, 0-2500, and 0-500 Non-Life Master) will be held in Sturbridge on October 11-12. For details click here. In Flights B and C four pairs (instead of the usual three) will qualify for the finals in New Orleans at the Spring NABC tournament. This is a great opportunity to represent New England in a prestigious national event.

E-mail Problem: The e-mail server malfunctioned during the first two weeks of September. If you sent an e-mail between 9/1 and 9/15 to or any other account at, please send it again.

Hot Stuff! President Mark Aquino's latest letter emphasizes the great opportunities afforded by the upcoming Egg tournament in Sturbridge and the NABC in Providence.You can read it here.

Warwick Wrap-up: The high finishers and masterrpoint winners are posted here. The Winners Board (photos of winners) and the Webmaster's Notes and Photos can be viewed on the same page.

The index by event to the Winners Board photos, which now includes Warwick, is available here.The index by player (over 360 players) can be viewed here.

Upwardly Mobile: The list of the 164 players who achieved a new rank in August can be scrutinized here.

Minutes: The best way to keep up with administrative decisions concerning New England bridge is to read the minutes. The minutes from the June meeting of the Board of Delegates are posted here. The Executive Committee minutes are available here.

District Director's Report: Rich DeMartino's report from the Las Vegas NABC highlights the best performances by players from New England. All of the District Director Reports, which are the best way to keep up with the ACBL's decisions, rules, and problems, are available through the tab at left.

Can't Win: If you did not know that the "Can't Cost" principle has a corollary, John Stiefel has written about a hand to demonstrate it. You can read this article here. The "Learn from the Experts" tab now contains links to twenty-two beguiling articles and all of The Buzz.

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