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You can view the list of players who earned a new rank in November here. The lists for previous months are always available through the "Member Achievements" tab at left.

The final standings of the Best in Class awards for 2017 can be viewed here. The charts include points won through the Mansfield tournament and the NAP. 

District Director Mark Aquino sends emails congratulating players who have advanced in rank. A sampling of the replies for October can be viewed here.

District 25 will soon need a new Tournament Manager.
The TM organizes, runs, and reports
on all the district's tournaments.
Details can be read here.

A new tab has been added at the left: "Tips for Tournaments." It contains links to short articles about playing in tournaments sponsored by District 25. Two of the articles are new. One serves as an introduction to playing in Regional Tournaments. The other concerns the new Continuous Victory Point Scales that will be used in some Swiss events.

NEBC President Bob Bertoni has written a letter to all bridge players in New England. It contains very important information about upcoming events. You can read it here.

The latest report from District Director Mark Aquino can be read here or through the tab at left.

Minutes: Carolyn Weiser, District 25's secretary, has provided minutes for the most recent meeting of the Executive Committee, the body that makes the most important decisions about the course of bridge in New England. You can read them here. The minutes for the latest Board of Delegates meeting are here.

Minutes from all recent meetings as well as lists of members of the Executive Committee and the Board of Delegates can always be found under the "Officers & Admin." tab at left.

District 25 Schedule for 2018:
Presidential Regional, Cromwell, CT, February 14-19
Rainbow Weekend & GNT Qualifier, Sturbridge, MA, April 13-15
Keohane Senior Regional & Cape Cod Sectional, North Falmouth, MA
   April 25-29
Granite State Regional, Nashua, NH, June 19-24
Ocean State Regional, Warwick, RI, August 28-September 2
Harvest Regional and Flight B and C NAP, Mansfield, MA,
   November 7-11
Flight A NAP, West Hartford, CT, January 5-6, 2019

Winners Boards: publishes photos of the winners of every strat in every event of every tournament sponsored by the district. Sad to say, the pages that contained the photos for 2014 and the first half of 2015 were lost in last summer's hardware catastrophe. However, the pages for all tournaments beginning with Hyannis in 2015 are available. The indexes have now been reconstructed.They are both available in the "Tournament Results" tab at left. The index by player can also be reached here. The index by tournament, date, and event is here. Please notify if you find any mistakes or want to submit a photo. It is never too late.

District 25 is definitely social. To keep up with the bridge news and gossip in New England check out our Facebook (NEBridge) page or follow us on Twitter (@NE_Bridge) or both. Twitter is very easy and non-threatening; for instructions on how to use it, just email

New England Youth Bridge, Inc. has been working hard to showcase this great game to the video-game set. They urgently need our help. Details can be read here.

We strive to keep the website informative and easy to navigate.  Please  “Contact Us” if you have any questions or suggestions regarding District 25, the site, or anything else. 

Thank you for visiting.

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