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New Event at Hyannis April 29-May 3

Come to the Hyannis Senior Regional
And take your choice!

New: Choice Pairs on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

You may play any two sessions:
10 + 2:30 or 10 + 7:30 or 2:30 + 7:30
Your total score determines your overall ranking.

If you buy an entry at 10AM, just tell the director which session is your second session.

Sorry: You cannot play three sessions and take the best  two, you can however play the third as a side game.

So enjoy the Cape! It’s your choice: Sightsee in the AM, play a round of golf in the afternoon, take the evening to go out to dinner! It is up to you. Make the Cape Cod Regional truly a bridge cruise on land!

To see the Conditions of Contest click here.

The gathering in Hyannis will also feature an outstanding roster of speakers. On Thursday between the morning and afternoon sessions experts Pat McDevitt, Steve Rzewski, and Adam Parrish will field questions from players. On Friday at 9:15 a.m. Sandy Starr will present a talk entitled “Bridge - a 30,000 Feet Overview.” Both events are free to all players.

The Online Partnership Desk for the Cape tournament is open for business. Just click on the tab at left if you are looking for a partner or some teammates.

Kudos to the 104 players who achieved a new rank in February. The list is posted here.

Every month District Director Rich Demartino sends congratulatory e-mails to these players. Some of them respond. One of the nicest replies is posted here.

The indexes to the Winners Board (photos of winners) have been updated. They are available through the "Winners' Pics" tab at left.

New Awards: The B's Needs Committee will recognize the players who amass the most masterpoints in each of the thirteen categories at the eight events that District 25 sponsors in 2015. Details and the standings after the Knockout Regional in Cromwell are available here.

NEBC President Mark Aquino is seeking every player's help in his latest letter.

The winners of the Ace of Clubs and Mini-McKenney for District 25 for 2014 can be viewed here.The masterpoint races for 2014 can be viewed here.

Remaining Schedule for District 25 in 2015:
April 29-May 3: Senior Regional, Hyannis, MA
NAP: Qualifying at clubs in June, July, and August; regional qualifier October 17-18, Sturbridge, MA
June 23-28: Summer Regional, Nashua, NH
September 1-6: Fiesta Regional, Warwick, RI
November 4-8: Masters Regional, Mansfield, MA

Coming Attraction: The evening of Saturday, June 26, will feature a brand new event for District 25. Every pair in the event, part of the Summer Regional in Nashua, NH, must include at least one player who is NOT a life master and has less than 500 points. The objective is to promote fun and learning in a less intense environment and to give newer players a chance to interact more freely with the veterans. A flyer describing the details is available here.

Minutes: The best way to keep up with administrative decisions concerning New England bridge is to read the minutes of the Executive Committee. The minutes from the conference call in February are available here.

Find the Jack: Your challenge is to find the four jacks in this article by Stephen Rzewski. Warning: they aren't in your hand or the dummy's. The "Learn from the Experts" tab now contains links to twenty-six articles from some of the top players in New England and all of The Buzz.

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