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NABC Results from Vegas: All hail Doug Doub and Frank Merblum, who bested a star-studded field in the Life Master Pairs on Sunday. After Monday's matches Geof Brod, Pat McDevitt, and Rich DeMartino were sitting in third place in the Senior Swiss. Carole Weinstein's team won the stratified Side Swiss.

NEBC President Mark Aquino has expressed his thoughts concerning the Summer Regional in Nashua as well as the plans for upcoming events in his latest letter, which can be read here.

NAP Win a Trip to New Orleans. Qualify to play in the North American Pairs at your local clubs from June-August. Finals for three flights (Open, 0-2500, and 0-500 Non-Life Master) will be held in Sturbridge on October 11-12. For details click here.

The list of qualifying games that have currently been scheduled can be viewed here. Check back; the list, which was last updated on June 19, is growing. Many new games have been added.

Minutes: The minutes from the meetings of the Board of Delegates, the group that convenes twice a year to discuss and define strategy for District 25, are posted here. The minutes from the Executive Committee, which makes detailed policy decisions, can be found here.

These documents are always available through the Officers and Admin. tab at left.

Advancements in rank: Did you move up in rank in June? Check the list that is posted here.

The list of the top 100 in lifetime masterpoints has just been updated here.

The Same Nemesis: If there is one thing that bowlers and bridge players have in common, it is an aversion to bad splits. Frank Hacker gives you a chance to find a way to make the contract on a hand in which both minor suits split 4-0 in this problem. The "Learn from the Experts" tab now contains links to nineteen intriguing articles and all of The Buzz.

Stephen Gladyszak was dealt the ultimate two-suiter at a recent Sectional. More to the point, he knew what to do with it, as Bob Bertoni has reported here.

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