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NABC in Providence: Thanks to the efforts of Helen Pawlowski, Joe Brouillard, and dozens and dozens of volunteers, the NABC in Providence was remarkably successful from start to finish. It served as a splendid capstone to a year in which District 25 overcame severe challenges from the weather and elsewhere to host great bridge in truly enjoyable environments.

Congratulations to Allan Graves, the best bridge player in St. Johnsbury, VT, whose team won the prestigious Reisinger Board-a-Match event on Sunday.

Of the 4,029 players who earned masterpoints in the tournament 1,440 were from New England. What a turnout!

The webmaster was in Providence for the first weekend and submitted this report, which includes plenty of photos. The report for the second weekend can be viewed here.

Keohane Individual Regional: Important note: The Flight B Knockout that begins on Friday is open to anyone with less than 4,000 masterpoints.

A few of the subtle reasons for attending January's tournament in Newton, MA were posted last year. The page can be viewed here. Unfortunately, the ice-fishing tournament will not be held this year because the Framer's Almanac* is predicting highs in the mid-seventies for January 2-4, 2015.

* Trusted by picture-framers for many generations.

The latest Letter from NEBC President Mark Aquino can be read here.

District Director's Report: As usual, Rich DeMartino has posted his report from Providence before the dust has even settled. You can read it here. These reports are the best way to keep abreast of changes in the ACBL. Previous reports are available through the tab at left.

Schedule for District 25 in 2015:
January 2-4: Individual Regional, Newton, MA
February 11-16: Knockout Regional, Cromwell, CT
March 6-8: Rainbow Weekend and GNT Qualifier, Sturbridge, MA
April 29-May 3: Senior Regional, Hyannis, MA
NAP: Qualifying at clubs in June, July, and August; regional qualifier October 17-18, Sturbridge, MA
June 23-28: Summer Regional, Nashua, NH
September 1-6: Fiesta Regional, Warwick, RI
November 4-8: Masters Regional, Mansfield, MA

New Ranks: The list of players who achieved a new rank in November can be seen here.

DON'T PANIC: What to do when you are in 6, and LHO has five spades to the jack? Don't ask Arthur Dent or Ford Prefect; Harold Feldheim has the answer here. The "Learn from the Experts" tab now contains links to twenty-four articles from D25 stars and all of The Buzz.

Bridge at Williams: A college student who recently achieved the rank of Junior Master wrote District Director Rich DeMartino about her math professor’s program to promote duplicate bridge. Click here to read her e-mail and meet everyone involved.

Minutes: The best way to keep up with administrative decisions concerning New England bridge is to read the minutes. The minutes from the June meeting of the Board of Delegates are posted here. The Executive Committee minutes are available here.

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