NEBridge - NABC in Providence

The NABC is Coming to Providence, RI,

November 27-December 7


This is the chance of a lifetime. Don't worry about getting matched up against Meckstroth and Rodwell or Fantoni and Nunes. They will probably be there (and you can actually kibitz at their tables!), but there are plenty of events for the INCrowd. There are even events for people with fewer than five points! 

The NABC is like a gigantic bridge circus, and this one is in your back yard. There is entertainment everywhere. Whatever you have planned this fall, be sure to reserve November 27 - December 7 for bridge. 

The details for the tournament are still being finalized. Clicking on the "2014 Providence NABC ..." bar at the top of the page will provide you with everything that you need to know.