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Southbridge Bridge Olympics

The Inaugural Bridge Olympics held in Southbridge was a rousing success! Each night built on the night before, with players returning to protect their hard won medal points. New England was running this as an experimental event, which our supporting software wasn't quite able to handle. (This is why you may have received multiple "result emails" for the evening events, as we fixed the various issues we found as we went along).

The "final" Event results can be found using the links below:

Wednesday night Pairs

Thursday night Teams

Friday night Pairs

Saturday night KOs

The overall Medal Winners are:

Place Name Medal Points Award
1 Wayne Burt 200 7.56 Gold
2 Bill Seagraves 180 5.67 Gold
3 Gary Peterson 175 4.29 Gold
4 John Berry 170 3.19 Gold
5/6 Greg Klinkler 165 2.34 Gold
5/6 Sue Miguel 165 2.34 Gold


We hope you had as much fun playing in this Event as we did presenting it, and we hope it will make a reappearance in the near future.

2024 GNTs

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D25 Updates from 2024 NABC/Lousivlle

D25's very own Carolyn Bitetti won the 0-10K Swiss event at the Spring NABC in Lousville.

The writeup from the Bridge Bulletin can be found here.

Upcoming 2024 Events



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