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North American Pairs

Along with the cooling of the air and shortening of daylight, it is time for another annual event...the District North American Pairs (NAP) finals.  This year, all 3 events will be on the same weekend.  

Flight A will be played over 2 days: Saturday AND Sunday, October 7 & 8

Flight B: Sunday, October 8

Flight C: Saturday, October 7

Game Eligibility, Formats and Entry instrctions can be found here.

2023 District Elections

The Nomination/Election Committee presented its first slate of candidates at the Board of Delegates meeting on Sunday, June 25, 2023.

The formal election will be held at the Fall meeting of the Board of Delegates that will be held on November 4, 2023 at the Best Western Royal Plaza in Marlboro.

The Nominees for 2024 are:
    President:            Sue Miguel
    Vice President:    Denise Bshash
    Secretary:            Carolyn Weiser
    Treasurer:            Joe Brouillard

If any ACBL member in District 25 in good standing wishes to have their name added to the official ballot, the bylaws specify:

          8.2.3    Thereafter, but at least fifteen (15) days before the annual meeting, other persons may be placed in *nomination by petition signed by at least fifteen (15) delegates from at least three (3) Units, directed and mailed or delivered to the Conference Secretary.
          8.2.4    The Conference Secretary shall forward notice of such additional nominations to the Delegates and the Secretary of each member Unit forthwith. 

* 15 total delegates from a minimum of 3 different Units

Anyone wanting more information can contact the District Secretary at

Warwick Regional Video Blog

You may have noticed a gentleman walking around the Wariwck Regional with a video camera. That was Steve Raine, visiting from the UK, who creates vodeo blogs of his bridge experiences. If  you would like to see his Warwick videos, they are available on YouTube using the links below:

Warwick Day 1

Warwick Day 2

Warwick Day 3

Warwick Day 4

 Royal STaC Week

August 21 - 27 was Royal STaC Week in all District 25 Face to Face clubs.

Overall results can be found here.

Pay Your Royal STaC Table Fees Here  

For Club Managers, payment instructions can be found here.

GNT Update from the Chicago NABC  

D25 had a strong showing at the Chicago NABC GNTs, with our teams finishing second in both the Championship and Flight A brackets.



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