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District 25 proudly announces the return of the Royal STaC, awarding Gold, Red Silver and Black points at clubs during the week of May 22-28. Click here for details.

Overall results can be found here.

Pay Your Royal StaC Table Fees Here


GNT Winners

Congrats to the winner GNT Flight A team for D25:

Maxim Siline, Xiaoqian Liu, Melody Bi, Anton Tsypkin

Congrats to the winning GNT Flight C teams for D25:

Carol Poirier, Lynn Reinhard, Darrell Ford, Brent Sadler

Sue Geer, Jack Milller, Janice Wexler, Gayle Kekeisen

It's not too late to regsiter your teams for the other GNT Flights (held in June). Click on the Chicago image at the top of page or the specific flight you are interested in on the right.

Double Dummy

Double Dummy is a documentary film, featuring a team of Americans playing in the junior world championships of bridge. It’s now freely streamable here and on the PBS App. The cast includes recent ACBL Player of the Year winner Zach Grossack, and three former Kings of Bridge. 

Some high school classmates started asking for bridge lessons, after having watched Double Dummy. Now, one of them already has over 1,000 Bridge Base Online logins, in a little over a year!

UPDATE: We recently heard that from WGBH/Boston that DOUBLE DUMMY will air on WGBH2 (the main channel) on Thursday 7/6 at 9:00 pm EST. It will also have a handful of repeats across both channels GBH2 and 44 during that week!

D25 Winners at the NABC/New Orleans

Congrats to the winners of the Flight A NAPs: Zach Grossack and Linda Robinson

Congrats to the winners of the Leventritt Silver Ribbon Pairs: Sheila Gabay and Lew Gamerman.

Congrats to the winners of the 0–2500 Pairs: Vikram Srimurthy and Venky Venkataramani


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