District 25
NEBridge - President's Letters

Every so often the president of the New England Bridge Conference writes a letter to the players. These letters can provide a valuable insight into the history and progress of District 25.

December 2019 from Lois DeBlois

September 2018 from Lois DeBlois

January 2018 from Lois DeBlois

December 2017 from Bob Bertoni

August 2017 from Bob Bertoni

June 2017 from Bob Bertoni

March 2017 from Bob Bertoni

December 2016 from Bob Bertoni

August 2016 from Bob Bertoni

June 2016 from Bob Bertoni

March 2016 from Bob Bertoni

December 2015 from Mark Aquino

August 2015 from Mark Aquino

May 2015 from Mark Aquino

February 2015 from Mark Aquino

Auguust 2014 from Mark Aquino

July 2014 from Mark Aquino

May 2014 from  Mark Aquino

April 2014 from  Mark Aquino

February 2014 from  Mark Aquino

January 2014 from  Mark Aquino