District 25
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New England Youth Bridge

Units in District 25:      
Central Mass (113) Connecticut (126) Eastern Mass (108) Maine (189)
New Hampshire (150) Rhode Island (145) Vermont (175) Western Mass (196)

Nearby Districts:
New York and New Jersey (3) New York City and Long Island (24)

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The Bridge Bulletin:
Online Unofficial and unauthorized topic and author index

Clubs in District 25:


Articles by Bridge Professionals:
Bridge with Larry Cohen - Bridge articles
Eddie Kantar's 52 Bridge Facts
Eddie Kantar's Bridge Tips - Great tips for improving your game
Grant Baze's Rules of Bridge - More great rules for being a better bridge player
Jay Apfelbaum Bridge Student Columns
Jeff Goldsmith's Home Page - Jeff's personal homepage with interesting bridge stuff
Karen Walker
Mark Blumenthal's Bridge Blog - Bridge blog 
Steve Robinson Bridge Articles - Great bridge theory for advanced players
The Wit of Edgar Kaplan - Years of famous sayings by Norman Kay's partner



Improve Your Game:
A Beginner's Guide to Playing Bridge - Rules, lingo, and many links
Bridge Clues - Six new hands every day with analysis by Michael Lawrence and Anne Lund
Bridge Winners - New columns by experts (and others) virtually every day plus scores from major events
Bridge World Magazine
Great Bridge Links
Play Bridge - Hand generator for practicing 
Suitplay - Freeware program that determines optimal play of suit combinations 
The Bridge Guys



Bridge in Great Britain
Bridge in India
Bridgevaria (Netherlands)
Ecats Bridge - Home of the World Wide Bridge Contest
Italian Bridge Info - parli l'italiano tu?



Online Bridge:
BridgeBase Online
International Women's On-line Bridge
OK Bridge
Swan Games



Baron Barclay



World Bridge Federation
Home Page
WBF Teaching
WBF Women's Bridge Club


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