District 25
NEBridge - Online Bulletin

District 25 now subscribes to a service that provides online Bulletins (including results) for each day of our regional tournaments. This will be supplemented by a printed Bulletin that contains a great deal of information about bridge in New England and the tournament in particular. However, it will no longer contain results. Links to the online Bulletins are automatically sent to the email addresses of those attending. You can also find a list of all of the online Bulletins on this page. There are also links on the results page.

The online Bulletins also contain photos of winners of each strat of each event. The service can only include a photo if an image file in the appropriate format is in its database. If you would like to have your photo included when you win something, send a jpg file to FastResultsHelpDesk@gmail.com. The image must have a maximum height of 150 pixels, and the name of the file should be your ACBL player number. If you do not know how to do this, just send the photo to webmaster@NEBridge.org.

If your photo has appeared on the website within the last few years, and you would like it submitted to Fast Results, send an email to the webmaster. If you do not know if the website has your photo, check the index by player

The online Bulletin can also list the names and photos of players who achieve Life Master status at the tournament. If that milestone occurs, please send an email to the webmaster with the player's name and other details.

If you have any ideas for the printed Bulletin, or you would like to submit something for inclusion in it, contact the webmaster.