District 25
NEBridge - Vouchers

There is good news for bridge players. Starting with the Presidential Regional in Cromwell, District 25 will begin accepting credit cards to purchase vouchers that can be used to pay entry fees.

The vouchers, which will have a value of $15 each, will be on sale each day starting one hour before the morning session. They will be sold outside the playing area at a separate location by the district's officials, NOT the directors. Players can purchase in one credit card transaction any number of vouchers. Of course, cash and personal checks will also be accepted.

The vouchers can then be used to pay the fees to the directors who are selling entries. This is similar to the process used when purchasing and redeeming ABCL Bridge Bucks at NABC events. Bridge Bucks, cash, and checks can still be used for entry fees as well.

If the entry fee is less than $15, change will be given in cash. For example, players in the 299er events at Cromwell will receive $2 back from the director since the entry fee is only $13.

The vouchers have no expiration date. They cannot be replaced if lost.

Vouchers also make great gifts for your favorite partner. Valentine's Day is the second day of the Cromwell Tournament.