District 25
NEBridge - President's Letter August 2017

Hard to believe that Labor Day is almost upon us! This means many things to many people, but to me it means it is time to go the Warwick, RI, and enjoy New England’s largest Regional Tournament from August 29-Sept 3, 2017.

Here's what is happening:

New! District 25 Welcome Desk: Starting in Warwick District 25 will have a Welcome Desk in addition to the partnership desk, where you can register your attendance, get restaurant guides and local deals, and a convention card button sticker with the logo of the regional as a souvenir. We can use some local volunteers for each tournament. Let us know when you are willing to help!

Partnership Desk: Guaranteed Pair for the KO: We will have a pair on standby at the “Gold Rush” Level to play with any pair looking to join the KO on Saturday. If you can’t find a pair we will have one for you for sure. Just Come! Remember the bracket is by total for the team so a “lower point  pair” might get you in an easier bracket.

We also have 299er partners every day and some good standbys Tuesday-Friday also. See Joe Broulliard for help. Ask any director how to find him if you are not familiar with our district.
Warwick at a Glance: Just a few miles from TF Green Airport, nestled between the RI beaches and Providence, you will be a short drive to Newport, RI,  Less than a mile from the Warwick Mall, and 20 minutes from the beach, including Rocky Point Park and Blueberry Farm.  You can drive in minutes to Warwick Neck Lighthouse, Warwick Museum of Art and Federal Hill for Italian Dinner the way Nonna made it. If you do not like Italian, there are a myriad of restaurants on Post Road a short hop away, not to mention the Crowne Plaza has a great restaurant.

Did I mention the Lincoln Park Casino is 20 minutes away?
Bridge Fun: The Super Point Series continues to grow daily at 7:30 starting on Tuesday and continuing thru Saturday Evening, Sunday there are two single-session SPS games at 10 and 2 – great if you want pairs games or get knocked out of the KO Sunday AM. These games are averaging 22 tables or so, and award 7-8 MP for a single session.

The Monster KO returns on Saturday AM.  If you missed the “FREE Monster KO in Nashua,” what an event it was! 99 Tables in 7 brackets. Same Great KO, the “free special” is over but the FUN is NOT!! You are allowed to ask for the top bracket if you want to play up, but it is NOT guaranteed. The directors have the final word on bracketing.

Knockouts are the most exciting form of bridge; they are the crowning moment of every regional nationwide. It is more social, has a more relaxed pace, and the IMP scoring makes for a fun time. (Overtricks are only of slight importance compared with pairs where an overtrick may be the difference between 90% and 20%), The top bracket of the Monster KO will have hand records, use the continuous victory point scale, and allow Mid-Chart conventions.

This is a special event for all involved. Don't be left out.

The GOLD RUSH events will be held Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday!!
MID FLIGHT events will be held Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday.

Lessons and Lectures: We strive to bring you the best available education series. Thursday, there is an Expert Panel at 1:45 pm, with Lew Gamerman, Bob Lavin and Harold Feldheim. It will cover the hands from the Pair Game and Gold Rush that morning. They will answer any questions you may have and provide some analysis you may not have thought of.

Friday Adam Parrish will give a lecture at 9:15 am on “Pass is not a four-letter word!” Adam has become a favorite lecturer on the circuit; don’t miss this – he is terrific, no matter your level. 

NAP NEWS: The North American Pairs is a three-flighted national championship contested at the NABC in the spring. Teams will be chosen from each flight to represent District 25. 

The NAP qualifying game to be held in Watertown on October 7, 8 is Open Flight A only. However anyone that received a "Q" at a qualifying club game in flight A is eligible to play in this event on October 7th and 8th. Everyone that qualifies should try this event as it is the best pair game the district has to offer each year. If you do not qualify here and are eligible for flight C and or B, you may still enter those events in Mansfield in November. Take this opportunity to sharpen your game against the big boys!

There will be separate NAP Qualifiers held in Mansfield, MA for Flight B (0-2500) on November 11 & 12 and C (0-500 NLM) on the 11th of November 2017.

The ACBL provides a $700 per player subsidy for 1st place finishers in All 3 Flights to attend the National finals in Philadelphia in March 2018, and a $300 per player for 2nd place finishers in all 3 Flights. It should be noted that our District augments the ACBL subsidies with $100 per player for 3rd place finishers in A, and for 3rd and 4th place finishers in Flights B and C. All 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishers in each flight advance to the National finals. All 4th place finishers in B and C get to compete in the NABC finals as well.

Volunteering: OK, we really need your help. The District has many spots that need volunteers to fill.
If you want to get involved, perhaps start with the Board of Delegates (BoD). Ask your Unit president or rep if you can represent your Unit at the semi-annual District meetings. Who should do this? YOU that’s who. We need new blood, new thinking, and players from every level of bridge. Yes, whether you have 5 points or 5,000, if you love this game, you should think about stepping up. It is not just “A players” who can help, we need the viewpoint from every perspective to be a successful organization.
If the BoD twice a year doesn’t sound involved enough for you, then email me and give me your ideas, you will be welcome to help out.  Partnership Desk, Education, Lectures, Newcomer Welcoming, Facebook, emails, flyers, committee work, scheduling: there is a lot to do and yes, I am asking you.
Remember: If you are not willing to pitch in, and everyone else does the same, the “thing that someone should do” becomes the thing that will not get done. Get Involved. Get Active. Please!
Coffee with the President: At regional tournaments on Thursday morning from 9:30-10 am, I will be in the playing area close to the free coffee – certainly drinking my share – to meet players, give explanations and take suggestions. If I cannot make it, I will do my best to have a District official available to you during this time.

The changes are here, our Regionals are all about you!
See you at the tables, if you miss coffee time,
Bob Bertoni
President, District 25
More Fun, More Places to Win, More Recognition, all at NEBC District 25.