District 25
NEBridge - GNT Information

Grand National Teams (GNT)

Date: Begins Sept. 1 (qualifying dates set by district)


  • Club qualifying games 50/50 red and black at sectional rating     (No club games in D25)
  • One-session unit qualifying games sectional rated red
  • Two-session unit qualifying games include percentage of gold for overalls.
  • District finals award gold for section firsts and overalls. Flight C is 25% gold for overalls. Other masterpoints in all flights are red.

Flights: Championship (Open), A (0-6000), B (0-2500), C (0-500 Non-Life Masters)  
District winners in each flight recognized on web site.
Final: Summer NABC
The second of the ACBL’s “grass roots” events begins again at the club level and continues through district qualifying events held as late as July prior to the finals. The ACBL does not reimburse teams to attend the finals, but check with your district for available district support. Click here for Conditions of Contest, which include a full listing of masterpoint awards.