District 25
NEBridge - North American Pairs


NAP – North American Pairs

Each club can hold NAP (North American Pairs) games during the months of June, July and August. These games award 100% sectional rated half red/half black masterpoints. Qualifying in these games makes the participants eligible for the regional qualifying event in October.

The NAP event has been a major ACBL pair championship since 1979 and was originally known as the Grand National Pairs. This grassroots event is staged in qualifying rounds at the club, unit and district levels. It culminates in a final held in conjunction with the Spring NABC. The contest is run as a flighted event: Flight A (open), Flight B (fewer than 2500 masterpoints as of the June masterpoint cycle) and Flight C (non-Life Master with fewer than 500 masterpoints as of June). Please check your June Bridge Bulletin for your masterpoint total.