District 25
NEBridge - Royal STaC

District 25 Proudly Announces the return of:

May 20-26, 2024

The Royal STaC is similar to the standard STaC Clubs games you are used to, with two major exceptions:

1. All clubs in District 25 are eligible to participate.

2. The final awards for each event are:

25% GOLD

25% RED



Club Directors

The club administration link for this STaC is https://tinyurl.com/STAC51584As the club manager, you will need to log into your MyACBL account and then click on the ACBL logo at the top of the page. Having done that, the link above will take you to the club administration area. Once there, you can register for your STaC sessions, download hand records, and download the game setup and reporting instructions. You will also find a link that will assist you in updating your club masterpoint database. Please make sure your database is current.

You must register by Friday, May 17th. Register for all games you plan to hold; if you offer an open game and a 499er game, register for both.

After registering, download the setup and reporting instructions. Print them out and have them available for reference for your directors. Download the hand records – you must use the hand records provided for the STaC. If you use common game hands or other hand records, your game will not be included in the STaC!!

If you have over 18 tables without electronic scoring or over 24 tables with electronic scoring, you MUST have a NON-PLAYING director.

Playing directors are eligible for overall awards. The actual director’s name must appear in the appropriate location on the TOURN screen.

All games with at least 2.5 tables are eligible for the open pool. Two-table games are not eligible to participate in the STaC.

Only pair games and team games are permitted. Other games (Individual, BAM, handicapped, etc.) are not.

All games will be stratified by average. For limited games, no player may have more masterpoints than the limit of the game.

PLEASE – print out and follow the setup instructions. You will have to fix mistakes you make with your game files if they are not set up correctly the first time (you will be notified by email).

If you normally run an invitational game, you must register for an invitational game. If you normally run a master point limited game, you must register with that same limit.

For questions regarding this STaC, please refer to the contact information below:

DIC: Robert Maier

Phone: 662 – 253 – 3183

Email: stac@acbl.org