District 25
NEBridge - Royal STaC

District 25 Proudly Announces the return of:

August 21-28, 2023

The Royal STaC is similar to the standard STaC Clubs games you are used to, with two major exceptions:

1. All clubs in District 25 are eligible to participate.

2. The final awards for each event are:

25% GOLD

25% RED




In addition to the normal club game schedule, several clubs are running special events during Royal STaC week.

Here are the ones we know about:



Overall results can be found here.


Club Directors

To be part of this STaC, you must go to the ACBL’s website to register. The deadline for doing so is Friday, May 19 (but please don’t leave it until then!)

Detailed instructions for registering can be found at


If you are familiar with the registration process, you can go directly to the ACBL web page for this STaC at


This page also has links for you to download the hand records for this STaC and the files needed to pre-duplicate the boards. Only the ACBL-registered club manager can download the hand records and only for the session(s) for which the club is registered. 

Additionally, this page also has a link for you to download the specific Game Setup & Reporting Instructions for this STaC. Please review this document carefully-- and have it available at the club for your director(s) during the game(s).


Paying Club Fees

Sanction fees for this STaC are $5.25 per table ($2.63 per half table).  Clubs in Connecticut are exempt from paying STaC fees - Unit 126 will pay your fees!   Fees need to be remitted to the STaC coordinator within 24 hours of the club's final STaC game.  Click on the link below to pay your Royal STaC sanction fees. 

Pay Your Royal StaC Table Fees Here