District 25
NEBridge - GNT 2023

Everything You Need to Know About the GNTs


Spring has sprung in New England and that means it’s time for the 2022-2023 Grand National Teams (GNTs).  Every ACBL member in good standing who resides in New England can participate in the District 25 Finals.  All events will be held on BBO. 


Get your teams set up and register now.  This is the best opportunity to win lots of gold points playing against players like yourself - and do it from the comfort of your living room.  Not to mention, a chance to win a National Championship.





All events will begin at 10:00 am and teams should be signed into BBO no later than 9:45 on game day. The start time for the second session will be announced before the end of the first. Here are the dates for each flight:


Championship/Open:  April 15-16 & June 17-18


Flight A (0-6000) April 1-2


Flight B (0-2500) June 17-18


Flight C (NLM<500) April 16





In addition to masterpoints, overall winners also earn the right to participate in the National Finals being held at the Chicago NABC, July 12-16. In Flights B and C, the second-place teams are also eligible to participate in the final. District 25 will provide financial assistance to those teams for expenses related to their travel to Chicago.





RESIDENCY you must be a member of District 25 whose dues are current.


MASTERPOINTS Masterpoint limits are based on your masterpoint holding on August 6, 2022.  Note, the event limits are not based on averages. To play in any of the three limited-point events, each player on the team must have fewer points that the upper limit of that flight.




All teams must pre-register to participate.  Pre-registration will close two days before the start of each event. 


For the Championship, Flight A and Flight B events, pre-register online at

New England Bridge Conference 2023 GNT Registration


Flight C teams register by by email to the Fairy GoldMother at inchair@nebridge.org. You’ll need to send her the names, email addresses, phone numbers, ACBL #'s and BBO ID for each player on the team. She welcomes all NLM<500 players and will find you a partner or another pair, or both.  She’ll make sure you have whatever you need to have a great time and hopefully win lots of points.





The Flight C event is a 1-day, 2-session Swiss Teams game, playing 8 matches of 5 boards each with a short break between the first and second session.


Flights A and B are KO events, one match per session.  Flight A is 28 boards/session and Flight B is 24 boards/session.


The Open event is a straight KO, one match per day, if 16 or fewer teams enter.  If 17 or more teams enter, the first day will be a Swiss Teams, 8 rounds of 7 boards, qualifying 8 teams to the 2nd day which begins the KO matches.  KO matches are 56 boards/match.


For more information on the details of each event, please consult the ACBL General Conditions of Contest and the District 25 Conditions of Contest.





The entry fee for all events is $15/player/session.  Students under 26 pay $5/session and players under 19 years of age are free. Payment is by credit card only. Pay online using the link below:


ACBL Number






Anyone playing in more than one event, will play for free in all subsequent events.  This gives everyone a chance to play in their "regular" event and then try their hand at "moving up" and perhaps winning lots of points for no cost.  Try it, we think you'll like it.





Open, Flight A and Flight B:  Peter Marcus, director-in-charge, marcusp@att.net

Flight C:  Sue Miguel, Fairy GoldMother, inchair@nebridge.org