District 25
NEBridge - GNT C 2023

It's BACK!  As promised -- NLM 0-500 GOLD Point Swiss Teams

When I tell you our Gold Point Swiss on April 16 is going to legendary - I’m not exaggerating. 
I said the same thing last year and now we hold the ACBL record for the largest Flight C GNT ever held on the planet. Not to mention, everyone had a super fun time and we gave out a bazillion GOLD POINTS!
This email has all the information you need to know about the event and directions on how to register and pay.
Keep it handy and and register ASAP. 
I know April seems so far away, but it will be here before you know it.
BEST NEWS OF ALL….I will put together YOUR DREAM TEAM. 
Just let me know if you need partnership assistance.
 Be a member of District 25 (the 6 New England states)
• Hold under 500 points AND were NOT a life master as of 8/6/2022
 Be current paid members of the ACBL
 Have a team able to compete in both sessions
 Sunday, April 16
 Hosted on BBO
 $30/player $120/team
 First session begins promptly @ 10:00, second session @ 1:15
 Each session comprised of 4, 5-board rounds
 50% GOLD points for all overalls, not just first!
 Top 2 teams also win right to play in the National Final this July in Chicago
This event has lots of moving parts so we need everyone to follow the registration & payment instructions precisely.
Again, it’s never too early to register.
NOTE: Please cc: your whole team on all emails.
 To register send me the following data for EVERY player on your team.
- Name
- ACBL Number
- Best Phone Contact Number
- Email
 Also provide your partnership line-ups
 Registration deadline is 4/12/2023
 All payments must be made in advance via credit card or Paypal using the “Buy Now” link at nebridge.org.
 It will be much easier to have one person pay for your entire team, though you may pay as individuals or pairs.
   Please know that your registration will not be complete until EVERYONE has paid.
On the BIG Day
Please make sure that everyone on you team is logged in and ready to go by 9:45. 
 Log into BBO and just wait for the game to begin. 
 At 10:00 we’ll put you right at a table for your first match.
Want to play? Don’t have a Partner or a Team?
No problem! If you need a partner or team mates, please let me know.
I’m a phenomenal matchmaker and put together socially & competitively winning teams.
I have a great one just waiting for you.
Email me ASAP!
 email me  inchair@nebridge.org, or click here.