District 25
NEBridge - Winners Board GNT 2018

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GNT Championship
Doug Doub
West Hartford, CT
Frank Merblum
Bloomfield, CT
Adam Grossack
Newton, MA
Walter Lee
Sudbury, MA
GNT Flight A
Mike Smith
Newington, CT
Russell Friedman
Wilton, CT
Brett Adler
Norwalk, CT
Susan Smith
Newington, CT
Jeffrey Goldman
Norwalk, CT
    Al Wolf
North Haven, CT
GNT Flight B
Brian Weiner Duran
Medford, MA
Gloria McDevitt
Medford, MA
Ivanie Yeo
Merrimack, NH
Lon Sunshine
Merrimack, NH
GNT Flight C
Jian-Qiao Gu
Lexington, MA
Cecil Chan
Wellesley, MA
Shen Duan
Andover, MA
Meiyan Duan
Andover, MA